Zondag op de Bergse Plassen

Caroline en Emil hebben gisteren een mooie tocht op de Bergse Plassen georganiseerd. Paula, Mike, Elsbeth, Henk Jan, en Nena zaten in zeekajaks, en Iede kwam mee in een eenpersoonskano. Wij hoefden geen enkel keer over te dragen, maar moesten wel af en toe voor een sluis wachten. Wij zijn veel vriendelijke sluiswachters tegengekomen! Wij zijn even gestopt voor drankjes bij Abrazo in Hillegersberg. Hieronder een aantal foto’s, door Emil gemaakt.



Monnickendam and Waterland

18 km (20 km for Holysloters!)

Sunday 19 August

by Mike Griffin

Photos by Eric Meinsma, photoshop by Mike Griffin

Caroline and Emil had organised a tour of an historic part of North Holland, although we weren’t exactly sure where we’d start or finish because the church parking place in Zuiderwoude could be full of churchgoers (I think we’ll call them Holy folk after this trip, read on!)

map Waterland

After loading up the boats – including a canoe for Eric and me – we set off with Viktor in the lead. The rest of the group was made up by Caroline, Emil, Eric, Brendwyn, Paul, Elsbeth en Elizabeth.

We stopped at a parking place in Monnikendam [see the green dot, top right of the map], which turned out to be gender-biased: the men could go to the seclusion of a large willow with enclosing overhanging branches, while the women had to traipse off to the gym across the water.

We headed off, luckily in the right direction, after a false start. Caroline was bravely navigating a group of wilful individuals, as you’ll hear later. But at the start we all followed like ducks in a row. I wasn’t sure my open canoe skills would be up to 18 km, and I didn’t want to be holding up the group, so was doing my best to make some speed without injuring myself for the rest of the trip.

The weather was good, well it could have been better, but it was warm and cloudy with only a bit of ‘heavy mist’ in the first half. The views were good, at times the pastures were only just a little higher or even a little lower than the water!

Soon after starting we overtook a folding canoe and Eric enquired about their journey, whether it went well in the car boot, but they had come by train! It takes about 30 minutes to assemble but if you have water close to a station it sounds ideal (as long as the overhead lines don’t break like they did near Meppel the same afternoon – not related to our trip!)

As the canoe stopped off at Zuiderwoude and Elisabeth wanted to join them for coffee, we paddled on. The next stretch was what touring is all about: quiet, nature, wind whistling through your ears! Only interrupted by the occasional kayaker trying to talk ‘cow’, and the occasional hire motor boat, which were luckily all small and electric. Also, the 2 portage places seem to have disappeared, we didn’t have to portage at all!

Arriving at the Holysloter Die, Viktor, Elsbeth Eric and I followed what we thought was the Holy Sloot (sloot = ditch) and after a while Viktor said “Let’s try that jetty, the group want a place to stop for coffee.”

We paddled into the harbour of a small yacht club – W.S.V. Het Die – and asked an old man (he was at least 2 years older than me) if the group could stop there for coffee. There was a great lawn in the lee of some trees, so a perfect place! He informed us he had no coffee but we were welcome.

But after a while it became apparent that the rest of the group was not following the aroma of coffee! Exiting the harbour we saw some small patches of colour in the distance and hailed them with my paddle. After one patch of colour waved back I remembered I have a phone and phoned Emil, who promptly told us that we’d paddled too far and must come back! We thought Holysloot was a ditch or another piece of navigable water, but it turned out to be a small village which we’d passed on the way to the yacht club! So instead of 18 km the four of us did 2 km extra, only for the thought of the smell of coffee! [See the yellow dashed line on the map.]

I needn’t have worried about holding up the group, Eric and I were keeping up with the rest and even out in the front at times. It was a refreshing change to do a trip in a canoe. I recommend it to other kayakers.

After another few kilometers, thinking only of coffee, we eventually landed in Broek in Waterland [see the green dot, left of the map], where we tried to explain to Paul & Brendwyn what the name meant and why. We were too tired to google it so we just made something up! The group alighted in Broek and had a quick lunch, while there was talk about wandering into the town to see the picturesque streets.

We left Eric & Viktor, presumably to watch the boats while the rest went on a tour of the town, but it seemed the group were still mesmerised by the thought of coffee and we ended up in Het Broeker Huis where we tried to explain that name to the Aussies! After swapping ancesteral stories and stuffing ourselves we waddled back, to find Eric & Viktor were wondering how big the town was that we stayed away so long. Again, our humble excuses, we should have phoned to tell you of the change of plans!

From there it looked like we were paddling in circles around Monnikendam, as we could see the church tower from every point. After all it is 55 m high! Shortly we reached Monnickendam and after passing the church we pulled into the exact same place that we started from, well done Caroline! It was a successful tour of an interesting part of Holland. Well worth noting for the future.


Hierbij weer wat fototjes van deze tocht.

Een uitgebreid verslag vind je hier…

Gewoon op de plas

Lekker relaxt in de canadees.

Linschoten en de Maas

Impressies van deze twee clubtochten.

Open dag RCC en Never Dry

Bekijk de Kralingse Plas eens vanaf het water.

Zaterdag 26 mei is er gratis kano-instructie tijdens de open dag.

Bij de kanoverenigingen RCC en Never Dry aan de Kralingse Plas  kan gevaren worden tussen 12 tot 14 uur en van 14 tot 16 uur. Graag aanmelden via opendag@rcc010.nl

Belangstellenden kunnen kennis maken met kanovaren en de kanoverenigingen. We geven een rondleiding.

Kom langs. Kralingse Plaslaan 133 of 135, Rotterdam. De koffie staat klaar.


zo. 6 mei Lingetocht

In het hart van Rivierenland stroomt een lief kronkelend en bij tijden idyllisch riviertje door de Betuwe. Er zijn imposante grote bomen langs de route en enkele mooie oude landhuizen.


    8 uur verzamelen op de club
    9 uur vertrek naar Geldermalsen
    10 uur  Rijden naar Rumpt en terug, boten te water.
    11- 15.00 Varen, pauze etc.
    16.30 terug op de club.

Tourlengte 14 km dus geschikt voor beginnende vaarder, lunchpakket, eten mee, voldoende te drinken. Extra set kleding in waterdichte zak, hoofddeksel, evt.regenkleding.

Voor informatie ben ik gaarne bereikbaar.

Joachim contact…

zo. 29 april Natuurtocht en Clubmiddag.

Beleef de Kralingse plas vanaf het water!

Peddel mee met kanovereniging Never Dry terwijl een gids vertelt over het ontstaan van de Kralingse plas en de natuur. Deze tocht begint om 9.30 uur en eindigt rond 12.30 uur. Peddelervaring is niet vereist. Deelname is gratis, maar het aantal plaatsen is beperkt! Aanmelding kan via Bij grote belangstelling organiseren we een tweede tocht, maar je bent ook elke woensdag welkom op onze clubavond. Zie voor meer informatie www.neverdry.nl.

Verder willen we graag de clubmiddag introduceren! Naast de woensdagavond elke laatste zondag vanaf 14.00 uur met elkaar peddelen en daarna een hapje en drankje. De eerste clubmiddag is zondag 29 april.


Caroline, Paula en Emil