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Rotte – Bergse Plassen – zaterdag 13 juni 2020 – 13,5 km, 2,5 uur vaartijd

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door Mike Griffin

Op donderdag had ik op de Rotte en Bergse Plassen gevaren en op de terugweg dacht ik, waarom er niet een clubtocht van maken, nu de coronamaatregelen enigszins versoepeld zijn? Bij de club instappen betekent geen vervoer te regelen, en de afstand is goed voor een beginners- of kom-uit-de-lockdowntocht 😊

Met mooi weer en 8 mensen was het gezellig en plezierig. Voor enkele mensen was het de eerste keer op de Bergse Plassen in een kajak en al helemaal op de smalle sloten vanaf Plaswijkpark door Hillegersberg-Noord naar de Bergse Voorplas.

De route – rode lijn heen, rode pin = pauzeplek; blauwe lijn terug. / The route – red line out, red pin = break location; blue line back.

Na de Boezem en een stukje Rotte, droegen we over naar de Bergse Voorplas en dan via de Zuidkant door naar de Achterplas.

Op de Bergse Achterplas / On the Bergse Achterplas.

Op de Achterplas kwamen we een groep SUP-ers tegen van de Voorplas – die ’s avonds op het NOS Journaal waren! – en op de Voorplas veel sloepen en enkele zeilbootjes, een beetje zielig zonder genoeg wind ☹

We hebben een pauze genomen in Hillegersberg, de terrassen waren redelijk vol, dus namen we een ijsje – heerlijk Italiaans schepijs!

Pauze! / Break!

Na een korte stop gingen we verder over de Voorplas naar de sluis de Berg- en Broekse Verlaat, maar zoals verwacht was het veel te druk met een hele rij wachtenden (motorboten) voor ons dus gingen we terug naar de overdraagplaats bij de molen. Verder op de Rotte richting de club kwamen we Emil & Caroline tegen in hun opblaasbare K2! Daarna was het terug naar de club, deze keer konden we wel door de sluis de Kralingse Verlaat; druk maar leuk om een keer niet te hoeven overdragen.

De Kralingse Verlaat

Een leuke tocht, hopelijk komen er nog veel meer dit jaar, we hebben wat in te halen!

Rotte – Bergse Plassen – Saturday 13 June 2020 – 13,5 km, 2.5 hours paddling time

by Mike Griffin
On Thursday I had paddled on the Rotte and Bergse Plassen and on the way back I thought, why not make it a club trip, now that the corona measures have eased somewhat? Starting at the club means no transportation to arrange, and the distance is good for a beginner or get-out-of-the-lockdown paddle 😊

With nice weather and 8 people it was fun and pleasant. For some people it was the first time on the Bergse Plassen in a kayak and especially on the narrow ditches from Plaswijkpark through Hillegersberg-Noord to the Bergse Voorplas.

After the Boezem and a bit of the Rotte, we portaged to the Bergse Voorplas and then through the South end to the Achterplas.
On the Achterplas we met a group of SUP-ers from the Voorplas – who were on the NOS TV News that evening! – and a lot of sloops and a few sailing boats on the Voorplas, a bit pathetic without enough wind ☹

We took a break in Hillegersberg, the terraces were quite full, so we had an ice cream – delicious Italian ice cream!

After a short stop we continued over the Voorplas to the lock de Berg- en Broekse Verlaat, but as expected it was too busy with a whole line of waiting motor boats before us, so we went back to the portage point at the mill. Further on the Rotte towards the club we met Emil & Caroline in their inflatable K2! Then it was back to the club, this time we could go through the lock de Kralingse Verlaat; busy but nice not to have to portage this time.

A nice trip, hopefully many more to come this year, we have some catching up to do!

Event: Open Dag / Open House 2019!

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Maak kennis met kajakken en kanoën. Jong en oud, sportief of recreatief, kanoverenigingen Never Dry en RCC bieden voor elk wat wils. Op zondag 12 mei kun je gratis proeflessen volgen, demonstraties bijwonen en kennismaken met onze materialen en clubgebouwen gevestigd aan de prachtige Kralingse plas. Je hoeft geen speciale kleding aan, maar neem wel een extra set kleren mee. Lessen beginnen om 12.00, 13.30 en 15.00 uur. Vul het formulier in als je zeker wilt zijn van een plek:

Zie het event op Facebook voor de programma en laatste updates!

Are you interested in learning more about kayaking and canoeing in Rotterdam and the Netherlands? Did you know that there are two kayaking clubs located on the beautiful Kralingse Plas in Rotterdam? Young and old, recreational or fitness-focused, Never Dry and RCC offer something for everyone! Stop by on Sunday May 12th to take a free beginner class, watch demos, and tour both clubs. No special equipment needed – but bring a spare set of clothes! Beginner classes start at 12:00, 13:30, and 15:00. Sign up here to reserve your spot:

Check out the event on Facebook for the schedule and latest updates!

Klussendag 30 maart

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Zaterdag 30 maart is weer de jaarlijkse klusdag, dit keer samen met RCC. Voor Never Dry gaat het om kleinere klussen en wat schoonmaakwerk. Grotere klussen moeten anders aangepakt worden. Heb je dingen op dit gebied, die je naar voren wilt brengen, dan is dit ook een goede gelegenheid.

De start is vanaf 10 uur. Maar ook als je op een later tijdstip komt, is dat prima. Gaandeweg kunnen we bekijken wie wat doet. Er wordt gezorgd voor soep, hapje en drankje.

Wat gaan wij doen?

  • Tuintafels en banken schoonmaken.
  • Kampvuur-brander(s) verplaatsen.
  • Terras bij de wilg opruimen.
  • Onkruid tussen tegels verwijderen.
  • Botenloodsen binnen en buiten opruimen en vegen.
  • Clubboten, spatzeilen, zwemvesten en peddels nalopen op schade en opruimen.
  • Dakgoten schoonmaken (blad).


Saturday March 30th is the annual Never Dry Spring Cleaning/DIY day, this time together with our neighbors, RCC!

The idea is to perform smaller repairs and spring cleaning, that otherwise don’t get attention, to get the clubhouse and environs ready for the upcoming season. If you have any ideas for repairs or cleaning that you think is necessary, please contact the grounds commission (Eric).

We start at 10 a.m., but if you can only make it later in the day, that’s also fine. Throughout the day we’ll work together to decide what needs to be done, and who does what. There will soup, snacks and drinks available!

What will we do?

  • Clean the picnic tables and benches.
  • Move the fire pit(s).
  • Clean up the paving around the willow.
  • Weed between the paving stones.
  • Clean and sweep the boot sheds, inside and out.
  • Check club boats, spraydecks, life jackets and paddles for damage and store them in the correct place.
  • Clear leaves from the gutters.

Let’s get our hands dirty and make Never Dry shine!

Intro Classes 2019!

The sun is shining and the days are getting longer. It’s time to get outside and go for a paddle! As explained elsewhere on this website, new/potential members can take a short introduction course to get to know Never Dry and learn the basics of paddling (kayak or canoe).

How does it work?

Intro classes consist of 4 lessons of approximately 2 hours each, normally on consecutive Wednesday evenings (but this is flexible). Wednesday evening is our club night, so you have the chance to relax and have a drink with other members after your lesson.

During the course you will learn:

  • What and who is Never Dry?
  • What equipment do you need to paddle safely on the lake?
  • How and when can you use club boats?
  • How do you get in/out of the boat?
  • How do you paddle straight, turn, and go backwards?
  • Get inspiration for all the other things you can learn and places you can paddle once you’re a member!
  • What are the next steps to becoming a member?

What do I need to bring?

  • Clothes that can get wet (preferably non-cotton) and are weather appropriate. If cold temperatures, wind, or rain are in the forecast, it’s a good idea to bring an extra fleece layer and/or a rain coat.
  • Shoes that can get wet (preferable close-toed)
  • A change of clothes and shoes, which you can leave in the club house during the lesson.
  • A water bottle
  • Sunscreen/sunhat/sunglasses if a lot of sun is in the forecast

I want to sign up!

Most people first visit the club on a club night (Wednesday) to get orientation and do a short test paddle, before starting the intro classes. To plan a visit and/or sign up for an introduction course, please complete the initial sign-up form. This will send a message to the secretary, president, and treasurer, who will make sure someone is there to meet you on club night.

The intro course costs only 50 euros, and you get 25 euros back once you become a member! Please pay this small fee by transferring it to our bank account before your first course:
NL61 INGB 0000 2475 33 (mention that it’s for intro classes)

When is the next course?

Intro courses are organized throughout the year. The dates of the next known course are shown below.

Intro to kayaking: June 5th, 19th, and 26th, 2019
There are still a couple spots available. Do these dates not work for you? Please contact us, and together we can schedule the next intro course!

Intro to canoeing: to be determined.
Are you interested in introductory canoeing lessons? Please contact us to schedule an intro class.

Read more

Here are some links to English blog posts about last year’s intro classes:

Wereldwaterdag 2019

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Hierbij een bericht van Mike, die mee heeft gedaan aan de jaarlijkse Wereldwaterdag activiteiten in Rotterdam.

Ik voelde niet veel binding met de Schie dus besloot ik in mijn eentje de Kralingse Plas op te gaan, in plaats van het officiële programma te volgen. Het was schitterend weer, weinig wind en een beetje warm. In mijn kajak heb ik in 3 uur de oevers aan de oostkant van de plas ontdaan aan bijna alle plastic, blik en glas, en kwam een paar vreemde dingen tegen. Er zullen in Rotterdam wat teleurgestelde kinderen en honden zijn, gezien een aantal stukken speelgoed en tennisballen tussen de rommel! Of zijn de Rotterdamse honden gewoon te lui om de ballen uit de plas te apporteren? Nadat ik een zonnebrandcrèmefles uitkneep, waar ik water had verwacht, moest ik verder gaan in een kokosnootolielucht en met een wat gladde paddel!

Drie zakken vol zooi dat niet meer in de plas ligt! En ja, dat is een plafonniere rechtsvoor!

World Water Day 2019

Here’s a post from Mike, who took part in the annual World Water Day activities in Rotterdam.

I didn’t feel much attachment to the Schie so decided to clean the Kralingse Plas on my own, instead of following the official program. The weather was beautiful, little windy, and slightly warm. In 3 hours in my kayak I cleaned the banks on the east side of the lake. While removing almost all the plastic, cans and glass, I came across some strange things. There will be some disappointed children and dogs in Rotterdam, given a number of toys and tennis balls among the mess! Or are the Rotterdam dogs just too lazy to retrieve the balls from the Plas? After I squeezed a sunscreen bottle, expecting it to be filled with water, I had to continue in a waft of coconut oil and with a somewhat slippery paddle!

Three bags full of stuff that is no longer in the Plas! And yes, that is a ceiling light fitting, front right!

Monnickendam and Waterland

18 km (20 km for Holysloters!)

Sunday 19 August

by Mike Griffin

Photos by Eric Meinsma, photoshop by Mike Griffin

Caroline and Emil had organised a tour of an historic part of North Holland, although we weren’t exactly sure where we’d start or finish because the church parking place in Zuiderwoude could be full of churchgoers (I think we’ll call them Holy folk after this trip, read on!)

map Waterland

After loading up the boats – including a canoe for Eric and me – we set off with Viktor in the lead. The rest of the group was made up by Caroline, Emil, Eric, Brendwyn, Paul, Elsbeth en Elizabeth.

We stopped at a parking place in Monnikendam [see the green dot, top right of the map], which turned out to be gender-biased: the men could go to the seclusion of a large willow with enclosing overhanging branches, while the women had to traipse off to the gym across the water.

We headed off, luckily in the right direction, after a false start. Caroline was bravely navigating a group of wilful individuals, as you’ll hear later. But at the start we all followed like ducks in a row. I wasn’t sure my open canoe skills would be up to 18 km, and I didn’t want to be holding up the group, so was doing my best to make some speed without injuring myself for the rest of the trip.

The weather was good, well it could have been better, but it was warm and cloudy with only a bit of ‘heavy mist’ in the first half. The views were good, at times the pastures were only just a little higher or even a little lower than the water!

Soon after starting we overtook a folding canoe and Eric enquired about their journey, whether it went well in the car boot, but they had come by train! It takes about 30 minutes to assemble but if you have water close to a station it sounds ideal (as long as the overhead lines don’t break like they did near Meppel the same afternoon – not related to our trip!)

As the canoe stopped off at Zuiderwoude and Elisabeth wanted to join them for coffee, we paddled on. The next stretch was what touring is all about: quiet, nature, wind whistling through your ears! Only interrupted by the occasional kayaker trying to talk ‘cow’, and the occasional hire motor boat, which were luckily all small and electric. Also, the 2 portage places seem to have disappeared, we didn’t have to portage at all!

Arriving at the Holysloter Die, Viktor, Elsbeth Eric and I followed what we thought was the Holy Sloot (sloot = ditch) and after a while Viktor said “Let’s try that jetty, the group want a place to stop for coffee.”

We paddled into the harbour of a small yacht club – W.S.V. Het Die – and asked an old man (he was at least 2 years older than me) if the group could stop there for coffee. There was a great lawn in the lee of some trees, so a perfect place! He informed us he had no coffee but we were welcome.

But after a while it became apparent that the rest of the group was not following the aroma of coffee! Exiting the harbour we saw some small patches of colour in the distance and hailed them with my paddle. After one patch of colour waved back I remembered I have a phone and phoned Emil, who promptly told us that we’d paddled too far and must come back! We thought Holysloot was a ditch or another piece of navigable water, but it turned out to be a small village which we’d passed on the way to the yacht club! So instead of 18 km the four of us did 2 km extra, only for the thought of the smell of coffee! [See the yellow dashed line on the map.]

I needn’t have worried about holding up the group, Eric and I were keeping up with the rest and even out in the front at times. It was a refreshing change to do a trip in a canoe. I recommend it to other kayakers.

After another few kilometers, thinking only of coffee, we eventually landed in Broek in Waterland [see the green dot, left of the map], where we tried to explain to Paul & Brendwyn what the name meant and why. We were too tired to google it so we just made something up! The group alighted in Broek and had a quick lunch, while there was talk about wandering into the town to see the picturesque streets.

We left Eric & Viktor, presumably to watch the boats while the rest went on a tour of the town, but it seemed the group were still mesmerised by the thought of coffee and we ended up in Het Broeker Huis where we tried to explain that name to the Aussies! After swapping ancesteral stories and stuffing ourselves we waddled back, to find Eric & Viktor were wondering how big the town was that we stayed away so long. Again, our humble excuses, we should have phoned to tell you of the change of plans!

From there it looked like we were paddling in circles around Monnikendam, as we could see the church tower from every point. After all it is 55 m high! Shortly we reached Monnickendam and after passing the church we pulled into the exact same place that we started from, well done Caroline! It was a successful tour of an interesting part of Holland. Well worth noting for the future.