Canoe and kayak club

Kralingsche Cano Club “Never Dry” is a canoe & kayak club in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, established in 1932. We are located on the Kralingse Plas, with access to the Rotte, the small river after which Rotterdam was named. And we are close to the Maas river of course, and not that far from the North Sea.

Club evening

There’s always someone around to go paddling with, be it for a short round on the Kralingse Plas on a Wednesday evening – the evening we get together for practice, to discuss plans for the weekend, or to have a chat and a beer – or for a multiday trip somewhere in Holland or abroad.

Introduction course and other information

If you have never paddled before, please join one of the introduction courses which are given during the summer season. These courses consist of three lessons in which we will teach you the basics of kayaking.


You can use the contact form on this website if you have other questions about the club, or drop by on a Wednesday evening (from 19:30h) at Kralingse Plaslaan 135, Rotterdam.

Many Trips

One of Never Dry’s strong points is that throughout the year the touring committee and the individual members organize many trips: from one-day trips on lakes nearby, to vacations abroad. Some of us like to paddle the rivers and creeks of the Biesbosch estuary and others take to the sea. We go camping in Friesland to tour the lakes there, or cross the Wadden Sea to islands such as Vlieland.

Warmer waters

In recent years, we enjoyed a summer vacation in Brittany, France, with one-day trips on the Gulf of Morbihan and a two-day trip to Ile Houat, for example, and a great vacation in Croatia, paddling from island to island, exploring little caves and sunbathing on beautiful quiet beaches. And we toured the Venice lagoon, and the city’s canals of course, which made us another attraction for the other tourists who were surprised to see kayaks instead of the ubiquitous gondolas 🙂